[JPL] About the jazz in Citizen Kane, who knows the players?

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The following is from David Meeker's Jazz On The Screen database.


CITIZEN KANE / Orson Welles [motion picture]

CITIZEN KANE [motion picture]
Bernard Herrmann
Orson Welles
Music Director and/or Conductor
Bernard Herrmann
Music Supervisor
Dave Dreyer
Bernard Herrmann
Place of Publication/Creation
Copyright Date
Music featured
"It can't be love" by Charlie Barnet, performed by beach party
group; also cues by Max Steiner from "King Kong" and cues from numerous
previous RKO movies by Nathaniel Shilkret, Roy Webb, Alfred Newman, etc.
Personnel on camera
In the beach party sequence members of Cee Pee Johnson's Band,
including Raymond Tate, trumpet; unidentified trombone; Buddy Collette,
alto sax; Buddy Banks, tenor sax; Cee Pee Johnson, drums; Alton Redd,
Feature film (over 60 minutes).Unconfirmed reports suggest that Orson Welles used a piano track by
Nat King Cole during the club sequence in which the second Mrs. Kane is
interviewed. Bernard Herrmann denied any knowledge of it to this
writer: he also denied any involvement with the music for the beach
party scene.
However, Welles' liking for jazz is a matter of record and shortly
after KANE was completed he commissioned Duke Ellington to compose a
score for a future project about the history of jazz. 

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> I know, I need to be chastised but believe it or not I have never seen one
> of the acknowledged masterpieces of cinema, Orson Welles' Citizen Kane... A google search provided no clue as to the music or musicians from
> the O S T or other sources.
> Anyone here know about the music and the musicians? Was Orson Welles a jazz
> fan? It appears he was for including some jazz in the movie.
> Arturo

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