[JPL] Larry A hits it out of the park.......

Arturo arturo893 at qwest.net
Mon Dec 3 19:36:36 EST 2007

Or perhaps since it is grid iron time, threw the long one for a Tee Dee,
either way I appreciate the valubale insight provided for Citizen Kane.
Hmmmmm, Buddy Collette is still kicking it in L A, I will check with his
friend and our Radio colleague Jose Rizo of KKJZ to ask him about his
recollections of that scene next time he sees him. By the way <<<< However,
Welles' liking for jazz is a matter of record and shortly after KANE was
completed he commissioned Duke Ellington to compose a score for a future
project about the history of jazz.  >>>>  That would be "A Drum Is A Woman"
play and album which came to fruition in the mid-1950s.


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