[JPL] About the jazz in Citizen Kane, who knows the players?

David Johnson djohnso2001 at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 4 18:04:09 EST 2007

Arturo, I think Welles definitely had an interest in jazz--he floated around the periphery of Duke Ellington's 1941 Southern California-staged musical JUMP FOR JOY, and in fact there's part of a treatment here at IU's Lilly Library that he suggested to Duke.  I'm a bit fuzzy on this and don't have my books or research from several years ago at hand, but I'm pretty sure Welles also commissioned Ellington to write music for his aborted 1942 film IT'S ALL TRUE.  Also, on the Ellington Capitol Mosaic set there's a track called "Orson" that was written for a Welles production of some sort...once I get home I can look up some of this and give you more definitive answers.  If anybody's interested in JUMP FOR JOY (quite a fascinating story/subject in and of itself), the radio documentary I did back in 2004, "Jump for Joy:  Duke Ellington's Celebratory Musical" is archived online:


David Brent Johnson
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Arturo <arturo893 at qwest.net> wrote: Was Orson Welles a jazz
fan? It appears he was for including some jazz in the movie.


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