[JPL] Moutin Quartet

Philip Booth philipbooth at tampabay.rr.com
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thanks for all the info on this.
I'd like to hear this disc, too. I've been stunned by the Moutins' recorded 
work, and I included their Something Like Now on my Top 10 lists in '05. 
Francois is a monster bassist.
I finally got to hear the group two years ago, during IAJE week, at 
Smalls -- music was as intriguing and interactive as on disc, and their 
performance was even more intense.

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> Jae,
> Try Dan Doyle, who is their Manager, at: dandoyle at moutin.com
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> Tom
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> Jae Sinnett wrote:
>>Someone brought up the Moutin Quartet...would anyone know who's working 
>>the CD "Sharp Turns?" I received it...put one song into the computer and 
>>the system crashed. Now repaired...I can't find the CD. It was in one of 
>>those cheap sleeves which makes it easy to mis-place. This year I had to 
>>put my top picks together faster than usual for some things locally and 
>>the Moutin release from what little I heard is outstanding but I didn't 
>>have it in time when I put my list together. I've always admired Louis' 
>>writing. I think his compositions are the most interesting of what the 
>>group plays. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Jae Sinnett
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