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Wed Dec 5 13:15:24 EST 2007


First, thank you as always for any and all airplay for Blujazz artists/Plus
Loin artists and the Moutin Reunion Quartet.  I would like to clarify my
involvement and also "splain" the CD sleeve for the Moutins.   It's a long
story and a good one but I will make it short.   Because of the Moutins, who
I LOVE, I'm am now a full partner in a French Production Company called Plus
Loin based in Paris and run by Yann Martin who started Nocturne Jazz.
Nocturne will now be only a distribution company for Europe and Asia.
Blujazz will be the US licensor, distributor and promoter of Plus Loin
artists.  We are excited and love the relationship. 


As many of you know, the rest of the world sometimes do things differently
than in the states.  The Moutin's new CD "Sharp Turns" was put in a sleeve
to save some promotion costs in Europe.  They offered them to me and since
this is a dual DVD/CD disc and we have a significant investment in this
project I decided to take a chance on the "wrath" of Bobby Jackson. J and
send out the sleeve as we could reach more people.  So with that said, I
would be glad to send anyone who really needs the full CD for libraries or
to anyone who doesn't have a copy to send  Alissa at blujazz.com an email
requesting one.  

Thanks again for all of your hard work and faith in jazz, jazz artists, and
this life,

Greg Pasenko

Blujazz/Plus Loin


gregpasenko at blujazz.com

773 477 6872


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