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kim.linzy at unlv.edu kim.linzy at unlv.edu
Wed Dec 5 13:37:41 EST 2007

Hello to all,

We are in the process of converting our entire library to a digital
format, which is going well, however, we are having a hard time finding
a suitable music database for our DJ's to use for information for our
listeners. We have tried the following with these observations
(strengths first, then weaknesses):
1. Tom Lord's database:
-hard to tell how comprehensive since we only had a trial
-layout was very cryptic/hard for some of our older DJ's to sort through

2. AllMusic.com
Strengths: pretty comprehensive CD information, good credits overview,
allows you to submit changes
Weaknesses: Good luck actually ever seeing those changes added to their
site (There are changes we submitted over a month ago that still haven't
been added), No per-track credit information, site is frequently dog-slow

3. Discogs.com
Strengths: very comprehensive CD information (including per track
information), great submission process
Weaknesses: Still relatively small database, Non-com run primarily by
volunteers, so not sure of their future (of course, we have the same
business model and have been around for more than 25 years! :)

4. Gracenote.com (formerly CDDB)
Strengths: great CD collection, quick website, easy to update with a
desktop compatible program
Weaknesses: No easy access to credits for CD's or tracks

5. Musicbrainz.org
Same as gracenote for both strengths and weaknesses

6. Freedb
Same strengths and weaknesses as gracenote

I'm wondering if any of you have found ways to overcome the
aforementioned weaknesses of any of the above programs or have found a
better music database solution that you use for your on-air staff?

Thank you for your help.


Kimberly Linzy
Assistant Operations Manager/Music Director
KUNV 91.5
1515 E. Tropicana Ave Ste. #240
Las Vegas, Nevada  89119
(702) 798-9161
kim.linzy at unlv.edu

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