[JPL] Music Preview: Kenny G shrugs off critics, racks up sales

Jae Sinnett jaejazz at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 6 11:22:23 EST 2007

Funny. Last night I went to a Jethro Tull concert...for nostalgia sake... and for most of the evening Ian Anderson talked about jazz. Really. Many of their pieces were re-arranged in a "jazz" style. Now, the question could be how "much" jazz was there? When they played swing...the drummer kept a very distinct four/four on the bass drum so you could definitely hear the repetition in the beat....like old school swing...but the problem was it didn't swing. Ian improvised much on flute. Most of this though was "effectual" with grunts...screams...etc....and playing the most basic of scales through minimal and very simplistic chord progressions. Now when he sez he was playing jazz...I guess you could say he was...sort of... and there in lies the problem. Just about any musician can say this IF they improvise a "little." Too many though don't say they are playing a "little" jazz...they just say they're playing jazz. When I read where Kenny is saying he has "improvisation" in his
 music he would be correct. My questing is at what level? 
  By todays standards you don't have to play a lot of jazz to be considered a jazz musician AND have a following. Actually the bigger following you have...the less jazz you're playing. Sometimes all folk need is to "see" a saxophone on stage and they will say that group played "some" jazz. From my perspective now it's pointless to dis him for what he does. More power to him but it's the perception that surrounds him ...that he is very guilty of creating...in reference to jazz....that gets to me. And is willingness to play on peoples ignorance. He knows very well his audience would believe just about anything he says and if he tells them he's improvising...then oh well...to them he's playing jazz and they don't care...and really don't understand...at what level nor could he truly give a rats bumbum about what those who really know a thing or two about this music...think. 
  Jae Sinnett   

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Music Preview: Kenny G shrugs off critics, racks up sales

Pittsburgh Post Gazette - Pittsburgh,PA,USA
Though has endured considerable criticism and even revulsion from musicians,
music critics and jazz fans for not playing "real jazz," Gorelick shrugs it
off ...

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