[JPL] Moutin Reunion Quartet

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The music sounds just as good, whatever the package. I
always manage to find a spare jewel box to give it
more visibility on the shelf. thanks...roy

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> Hi,
> First, thank you as always for any and all airplay
> for Blujazz artists/Plus
> Loin artists and the Moutin Reunion Quartet.  I
> would like to clarify my
> involvement and also "splain" the CD sleeve for the
> Moutins.   It's a long
> story and a good one but I will make it short.  
> Because of the Moutins, who
> I LOVE, I'm am now a full partner in a French
> Production Company called Plus
> Loin based in Paris and run by Yann Martin who
> started Nocturne Jazz.
> Nocturne will now be only a distribution company for
> Europe and Asia.
> Blujazz will be the US licensor, distributor and
> promoter of Plus Loin
> artists.  We are excited and love the relationship. 
> As many of you know, the rest of the world sometimes
> do things differently
> than in the states.  The Moutin's new CD "Sharp
> Turns" was put in a sleeve
> to save some promotion costs in Europe.  They
> offered them to me and since
> this is a dual DVD/CD disc and we have a significant
> investment in this
> project I decided to take a chance on the "wrath" of
> Bobby Jackson. J and
> send out the sleeve as we could reach more people. 
> So with that said, I
> would be glad to send anyone who really needs the
> full CD for libraries or
> to anyone who doesn't have a copy to send 
> Alissa at blujazz.com an email
> requesting one.  
> Thanks again for all of your hard work and faith in
> jazz, jazz artists, and
> this life,
> Greg Pasenko
> Blujazz/Plus Loin
> www.blujazz.com
> gregpasenko at blujazz.com
> 773 477 6872
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