[JPL] Hi Stephani, Answer to IAJE Query, and New Arkadia Jazz Releases from Benny Golson & Nigel Clark

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Mon Dec 10 09:47:47 EST 2007

Hey Stephanie!

Welcome to the list.... Will you be at IAJE?

I'll Be there and just to let everyone Know...
Arkadia jazz has two new releases being serviced to radio
For early Januery 2008

1) Benny Golson: The Many Moods of Benny Golson;
2) Nigel Clark: from Scotland

You can preview the DVD's at www.arkadiadvd.com

BTW if you don't report to Jazzweek contact me OFFLIST to make sure
I have your correct servicing info.


Jerald Miller
Arkadia Jazz
34 East 23rd Street
New York, NY 10010
Tel: (212) 53300007
E-mail: marketing at view.com

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Hi folks,

I just joined the list and wanted to introduce myself, if you'll allow.
I'm the public relations and marketing manager for ObliqSound.  If you're
not familiar with us, we've recently released albums from Lionel Loueke,
Gilfema, Aisha Duo, Andy Milne & Gregoire Maret, and a great quartet of Paul
Motian, Steve Swallow, Pietro Tonolo and Gil Goldstein, among others. We
have many more releases, but those are most of the jazz-based albums.

I hope to learn all sorts of great things from the people on this list and
hope to return the favor as much as possible.

Also, I saw in the archives that there was an unanswered query from Larry
Dane-Kellogg of WHCJ 90.3 FM to our former company president, just as he
signed off the list....in response to your question, yes, Alon Yavnai
(long-time pianist for Paquito D'Rivera) has signed with ObliqSound! His
album Travel Notes will be out in the US in April 2008.

Lastly, I'm going to IAJE this year, where we'll have a booth and are
excited to see some of our musicians perform showcases, as well. I hope to
meet many of you there.

Happy holidays!

Stephanie Jo Klein
373 Broadway, Suite F11
New York, NY  10013
Tel: 212-274-8640
Fax: 212-274-8641
stephanie at obliqsound.com


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