[JPL] Tribute Show-Patato Playlist

Arturo arturo893 at qwest.net
Mon Dec 10 12:27:20 EST 2007

Here's my attempt to present an overview of Patato's career
and play examples of the different eras and musicians he performed
with. Naturally, there are many gaps and omissions. I played mostly
his folkoric, rumba, Cuban music and "salsa" recordings. Due to time
constraints I didn't play any tracks from the Patato led sessions he
made for Latin Percussion in the 1970s, his recordings with T.P. in
the 50s and most of his jazz recordings as jazz89KUVO has been and
will continue to play those during our non-Sunday programming which
is jazz.

Salsa Con Jazz Dec 09, 2007 4:00PM - 6:00PM

Greetings, Buenas!! I'm Arturo Gómez subbing today for Jimmy Trujillo
who will return on December 23rd. Today we present a posthumous
homage to Carlos Valdés-the immortal Patato, 11-4-26, Havana-Cuba to
12-4-2007 Cleveland-Ohio

4:01:00PM Macho (Para Machito)
Name: Steve Turre
Name of CD: Sanctified Shells
Track Label: Polygram Records
Release Year: 1993
Notes: theme song

4:10:00PM Rumba A La Patato
Name: Marlon Simon and the Nagual Spirits
Name of CD: Rumba a la Patato
Track Label: Cubop Records
Release Year: 2000

4:14:00PM A Los Pianistas
Name: Patato-Carlos Valdés
Name of CD: Masterpiece
Track Label: Messidor
Release Year: 1994
Notes: His favorite pianists

4:27:00PM Rumba en el Patio & Sonaremo el Tambó
Name: Conjunto Kubavana de Alberto Ruiz
Name of CD: Rumba en el Patio
Track Label: RCA/Tumbao
Notes: Patato's first recording-twin spin

4:34:00PM Timba, Timbero, Live on Cuban radio, 1952
Name: Conjunto Casino
Name of CD: En Cumbanchoa
Track Label: Discmedi

4:38:00PM El Baile de Pingüino (The Penguin Dance)
Name: Conjunto Casino
Name of CD: A Bailar con la Casino-Vol 2
Track Label: Panart
Notes: A Patato creation-dancing on the tumbadoras like a penguin

4:48:00PM Juventud de Chacón & Pío, Pío
Name: Los Asericanos
Name of CD: Rare 78rpm
Track Label: SMC/Coda
Notes: w/ Patato RIP another twin spin, 1st US recordings

4:54:00PM Feling Good
Name: Herbie Mann
Name of CD: The Evolution of Mann: The Herbie Mann Anthology
Track Label: Atlantic/Rhino / Wea
Release Year: 1994
Notes: W/ Patato

4:56:00PM Pare Cochero
Name: Bebo Valdés Trio
Name of CD: El Arte del Sabor
Track Label: Blue Note Records
Release Year: 2001
Notes: 2001 GRAMMY winner for Patato

5:01:00PM San Francisco Tiene Su Propio Son
Name: Patato-Changuito-Orestes
Name of CD: Ritmo Y Candela
Track Label: Redwood Records
Release Year: 1995
Notes: Fito Reinoso-vocals

5:15:00PM Sugar Frost-Azucare
Name: Johnny Pacheco
Name of CD: Latin Jam Session
Track Label: Fania
Notes: w/ Patato

5:21:00PM La Máquina y el Motor
Name: Kako-Totico y el Trabuco
Name of CD: La Máquina y el Motor
Track Label: Gema
Notes: w/ Patato & Arsenio Rodríguez

5:28:00PM Mas Que Nada
Name: Patato & Totico
Name of CD: Patato & Totico
Track Label: Verve
Release Year: 2004
Notes: w/Virgilio Martí

5:33:00PM En Mi Viejo San Juan
Name: Orlando Contreras w/ Patato y Cortijo
Name of CD: Guaguancó
Track Label: Teca Records

5:35:00PM Puntilla Y Nueva Generación con Patato
Name: Compa Galletano
Name of CD: Calle 54
Track Label: Blue Note Records
Release Year: 2001

5:44:00PM Son De Patato
Name: Enriquillo Fernández & the Latin Jazz Winds
Name of CD: Melodía Para Congas
Track Label: Mapleshade Records
Release Year: 1997

5:48:00PM Almendra
Name: TP's Latin Percussion Jazz Ensemble
Name of CD: Live at Montreuz 1980
Track Label: Latin Percussion

5:57:00PM Elube Changó
Name: The Conga Kings
Name of CD: Conga Kings
Track Label: Chesky Records
Release Year: 2000
Notes: w/ Patato for Changó

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