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Mon Dec 10 20:45:42 EST 2007


I'm looking for a jazz biography to give as a holiday present.  Can anyone
suggest a well-researched, highly readable biography on, for example, Duke
Ellington or Ella or some  of the bop pianists, such as Bill Evans, Bud
Powell, Erroll Garner - or any other jazz biography, for that matter, that
resonated with any of you, and is informative and a good read.  We enjoyed
David Hajdu's book, Lush Life, on Billy Strayhorn and were hoping to find
something equally moving and well-written about some of the other musicians.
We already have biographies on Pres, Diz, Basie, Billie, Miles (at least
three), etc.  It's hard to know which of several biographies on Duke or
Ella, for example, are the best.

You could reply offline.


Sanna Craig / Larry Vuckovich
Tetrachord Music

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