[JPL] Good Jazz Bios

Michelle Mobley michelle_mobley at sbcglobal.net
Mon Dec 10 21:17:39 EST 2007

Hi Sanna,

May I recommend "Morning Glory - A Biography of Mary Lou Williams" by Linda

I am also a huge fan of the jazz mystery novels of Jazzweek's own Bill
Moody...in particular "Death of a Tenor Man" which is a fictionalized
accounting of the murder of Wardell Gray that is based on fact.  

A new jazz novel out for the holiday season is "Real Gone Horn Gone Blues" by
by bari player turned mystery writer Skoot Larson.  This one focuses on Art
Pepper's actual alto horn that went missing because he was popped on Beacon
Street by the LAPD narco squad moments after he pawned it in order to score. 
He neither copped his fix nor did he ever retreive his horn...but where in San
Pedro did it go?  This book is also fiction based on actual events.

Michelle from Peeedro

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