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Eric Jackson eric-jackson at comcast.net
Tue Dec 11 08:54:39 EST 2007

Someone mentioned Ben Ratliff's book, Coltrane The Story of A Sound. Ben 
was my co-host a few weeks ago. In his opening statement on the show he 
said the book was not a bio. I tried to argue that I thought it was and 
he thought a bio should include more of the complete life of the artist. 
  I haven't finished his book but it seems to me he deals with the 
musical life of Coltrane and that may be the distinction he is making.

I just got the Spring Catalog from the University Of Michigan Press. 
There is a listing for a new bio called Delightfulee, The Life & Music 
of Lee Morgan by Jeff McMillan. No I haven't read it but I thought I'd 
mention it.

Bob Blumenthal has a new book that is due to be released next week. It 
is not a bio. It's a history of jazz and it's called Jazz: An 
Introduction to the History and Legends Behind America's Music. It is 
simplistic in the sense that I would call it a good book for someone who 
has never read a jazz history before. If you've studied your history, 
it's not the kind of detailed book that is loaded with new facts and 
information. But it is an interesting, easy read. Bob will be my co-host 
on December 17 from 8 pm until midnight. You can listen in at 
www.wgbh.org/jazz . Don't click on the link that says Jazz With Eric in 
The Evening. That's a link to a recorded program. Click on the link that 
says Listen Live.

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