[JPL] Nate Najar pronunciation

Seymour, Bob BSeymour at wusf.org
Wed Dec 12 18:24:35 EST 2007

That's right, Brad -- it's "NAY - jar".  

And FYI, Nate's bassist John Lamb has a stellar resume including 3 years
with Duke Ellington in the 60's (Far East Suite and more).  And the
saxophonist Mike MacArthur is a Maynard alumnus who works a lot in
recent years with Dianne Schuur.
Nate's doing 'An Ellington Christmas' in a local concert hall for the
second time this year, featuring Chuck and Robert Redd, and Ken

Bob Seymour
WUSF, Tampa


Nay-jar is my understanding, from Lisa Reedy. (accent on the first



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