[JPL] Obituary For Tom Terrell

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Thu Dec 13 13:23:39 EST 2007

thanks mitchell for posting this, and bobby: yeah you right....
tom was a friend for nearly 30 years. his was a pure soul...
even when life tossed him a curve he was full of spirit (and a touch of piss 
& vinegar too)
our connection was pretty immediate--broad eclectic musical tastes, former 
reggae in particular forged a stronger bond between us...he loved his life, 
he loved his music
and he loved being a champion for the music.
in his own way, he had a cool, casual elegance.
its so easy to visualize T, especially when you would run into him after some 
"hey, ricky, man, how ARE you?"
i know tom will be keeping some seats warm for his many friends, in between 
hangin' and 
talkin' with all his musical heroes:  jazz heaven has a new resident, and its 
so easy to 
visualize T, "hey bud powell, how ARE you man?"  
its almost hard to say R I P, 'cause you know tom is running himself ragged 
catching up
with all the cats--
he was, is and will always be....one of them.
ricky schultz
jazz consultant

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