[JPL] Greg Tate's Obituary For Tom Terrell In Village Voice(pluscomments from others)

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I read this in the middle of the a.m. during a bout with insomnia, and
was utterly captivated by it.  I did not know Tom to the extent that you
apparently did, but I did know him well enough to have felt the energy
and presence of the man - and that "musicologist" bond that all of us
have was especially strong with him.

Drink up, peeps!



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Thanks for this post.  I basked in every word of it.  It was amazingly
on point, the anecdotes from the many who eloquently captured Terrell,
the promo-sexual, so full of music, the "writer" and not the "critic";
Mr. Positive light and energy, to the last drop....I too, miss my friend
Tom Terrell.  

I spoke with Tom literally the "day" of the evening he slipped into a
coma.  I will be forever glad I picked up the phone to speak with him.
He was so upbeat and I felt strange because, here I was, wanting to
cheer him up and all he could do was to ask how I was doing and how he
could help ME.  You would never think that he would be going home so
soon after our conversation.  He never once complained about his
situation and only spoke of what we could do after he got out of the
hospital.  I believed he would make it.

I also believe Tom drank every bit of life out of the cup that was his
to drink, lustily, slurping loudly for everyone to hear, happily, to the
very last drop....We should all live like that.

Bobby Jackson
Cleveland, OH

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