[JPL] Suggested Soprano Sax Listenin' For Miguel Batista

Jim Wilke jwilke123 at comcast.net
Thu Dec 13 16:28:44 EST 2007


.. and Jane Ira Bloom!   Actually, I think I know who he's studying 
with and
if it's who I think it is he'll get solid grounding in the basics and 
toward the excellent musicians you noted.

However one might wonder, even if he could play like Kenny G,
could he grow hair like that?


On Thursday, December 13, 2007, at 12:26  PM, Peter Poses wrote:

> "The JPL": Howzzit ---
> 	Anyone got Sr. Miguel Batista e-mail address so as 2 B able 2 forward 
> him
> suggested Soprano Saxophone recordingzz 2 which 2 listen, like 
> Coltrane's
> version of "My Favorite Things", Sidney Bechet, Steve Lacy, & Jane 
> Bunnett?
> ? Please lemme kno.
> UTNG, dig, djSOS aka Peter L. Poses, Host of "OverNight Jazz: The 
> Soundz Of
> Surprize" from 'Round MidNight Thurzz. to 6AM Fri. on KRFC FT COLLINS 
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