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That lead paragraph seemed a bit too dismissive coming from a serious  
reviewer (and Nate is one of the very best -- his back-to-back JJA  
Jazz Awards will support me in that assertion). And I can't be sure  
about some of the sideman comments since I wasn't there. But most of  
that review sounded spot-on to me.

I heard Botti at Monterey last year, and as I recall he spent the  
first half of the set proving his chops, making what seemed to be a  
very deliberate attempt to say, "see, I dig Miles, too!" Then there  
was a gotcha moment much like the one Chinen described, and from that  
point on everything got smoother, sappier and more tedious.

The man can definitely play, but his head and heart are somewhere  
else, I think. I'm not even sure it's about "selling out" or anything  
like that. He's in his own place musically, and more power to him.


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> Anybody catch the above NY Times review, or the actual show?  I  
> found the review very strange, as if Nate Chinen possibly enjoyed  
> himself but couldn't stand the fact that he did because he doesn't  
> respect Chris Botti. I've never seen Botti live, but I've seen live  
> performances on television that, while not being very adventurous,  
> were surely much more musical to my ears than someone like Kenny G.  
> Interested in your thoughts...
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