[JPL] Good Jazz Bios

Steve Schwartz steve_schwartz at wgbh.org
Fri Dec 14 14:26:06 EST 2007

Trapped in the  house last night due to 9" snow storm, channel surfing and
stumbled on an hour long interview show on Sundance Channel with Chuck D
talking to Quincy Jones.
I was captivated immediately by Q's incredible memory, honesty of thought,
brilliance of idea and total love of jazz music. Lots of great stories about
Basie, Hamp, Clark Terry, Seattle and Ray Charles, Nadia Boulanger, travels
to Europe, endless bus  gigs in addition to The Pawnbroker and other movie
soundtracks, Michael Jackson, etc.

I went into the other room and and dug out, "Q The Autobiography of Quincy
Jones" published by Doubleday in 21001.
If I reads anything like the man talks, it should be marvelous. I'll let you
If you've read it, let us know

Steve Schwartz

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