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I think this notion of Chris being a "great" player or one that "can play," comes more from the material he plays rather then how he plays those songs. I've heard some say from the concert I attended that he was a great trumpeter..."Man, did you hear him play those Miles tracks?" In other words if he played Miles he must be able to play. Not necessarily. What he's good at is entertainment. His band carries him. He's also a "pretty" player...which in jazz can gain you a huge following when you play things they don't have to think about and he has the "look" like Diana Krall and is very personable. If he weighed 350 pounds playing exactly the same way I doubt very seriously we would have seen him on PBS...or any network for that matter. He's good at note choices...especially on ballads which more than likely comes from Miles. As far as line construction with continuity through changes....didn't hear it. Then he talks the game...which is always easier than playing and this
 again can create the impression he's a great player. Plus, he has very good intonation so with the long tones and a good sound it certainly can create the impression he's a "great" player. He simply is an average trumpeter by jazz standards that has found a niche...like Kenny G. 
  Jae Sinnett

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Thanks Mike!
May the Schwartz be with you!

Steve Schwartz
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The guy is a complete snooze, as far as I'm concerned.

The proof of the pudding is how far below his band-mates he appears to be in
reality, having seen & heard him at Monterey, and having suffered through
the oft repeated PBS show in it's entirety (not all in one sitting.....that
would be impossible for me to withstand).

I tells it as I sees it.

Mike Schwartz/KSJS


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