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We are always saddened when someone passes, and especially those of us in the 
jazz community. Each loss means we will no longer hear new things by that 
artist and the way our industry is at this point, one more loss is too many.
Frank Morgan was a giant of a musician, producing wonderful music. The fact 
that so many years were lost when he was younger because of his addiction, he 
returned and made up for it by making music that will last and will be played 
and heard by many. Timeless!
Not sure how many believe in the theory of three. We had them already, with 
Payne, Ike and now Frank. Hope that's it for now.
May he rest in peace.
Ron Gill

If anyone is interested, I did a Before & After piece with Frank in the March 
2003 issue of JazzTimes. He had interesting, insightful and revealing things 
to say about the music played for him. The piece is available on the JazzTimes 
website: http://jazztimes.com. I'm also happy to send it to anyone if you'll 
write me off-list.


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