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December 15, 2007
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Ike Turner Services

Thursday, December 20, 2007 from 10 :00 AM to 8 PM
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Los Angeles, CA  90008
FRIDAY, December 21, 2007, 11:00 AM
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Saturday, December 15, 2007
It is with deep sadness that ZOHO announces the sudden, unexpected passing
of ZOHO ROOTS artist, GRAMMY award winner and friend, Ike Turner. Ike passed
away in his home in San Marcos, California, in the late morning hours of
Thursday, December 12, 2007, at the age of 76, surrounded by his family, and
members of his band, The Kings of Rhythm. We at ZOHO are deeply grateful for
the fact that we were permitted to ³share a piece of the road² with one of
the great, legendary figures of American popular music, and that we were
able to participate in and witness his last career triumph, his GRAMMY win
in the Traditional Blues category, for his final CD release ³Risin¹ with the
Blues², in February 2007!
During the two years of our business association, we have gotten to know
Ike, together with members of his family and management team to whom we wish
to express our deepest condolences for their, and our, great loss. In
significant contrast to the relentless negativity of Ike¹s image with large
parts of the public, we have gotten to know Ike as a charming, humble,
charismatic and generous man who was at peace with himself.
In musical matters, he was a relentless perfectionist, full of creative
drive and inspiration, and in the midst of conceptualizing his next big move
forward in contemporary Blues ­ a hybrid between Blues and Hip Hop which he
called ³Blues Hop². Some initial traces of this style can be heard on Ike¹s
song ³Gimme Back My Wig² ­ the opening track on ³Risin¹ with the Blues². Ike
was truly passionate in his belief that overall, the Blues genre had become
stale and repetitive creatively. He shared with us his vision of making the
music relevant again for a younger generation, by combining elements of the
vocal delivery in Hip Hop, and its ³in your face² urban attitude, with the
classic forms and instrumentation of the Blues. It is our loss that we won¹t
know where Ike would have taken his musical vision past its tantalizing
beginnings ­ but let¹s look at his track record in the last 50& years:
Rock¹n¹Roll, Blues, R & B, SoulŠ none of these genres are even thinkable in
their current form without Ike¹s invaluable, style-defining contributions.
Ike¹s musical legacy as a singer, songwriter, band leader, arranger,
guitarist, keyboard player and producer is secure, and one of the most
multi-faceted and wide-ranging in recent memory. It places him in the A-list
star category of an Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, or The Rolling Stones, all
of whom were greatly influenced by him. However, no reflection on Ike¹s life
and times is complete without recognizing the profound impact that his
turbulent marriage with Tina Turner had on the American consciousness:
We know these famous, strained or failed marriages of public figures by
their first names, and we are endlessly fascinated by them - ³Bill and
Hillary² - ³Brad and Angelina² - ³Charles and Diana²- ³Britney and Justin² -
³O.J. and Nicole². Add to this list ³Ike and Tina². It has been Ike¹s
misfortune and life¹s tragedy that after over 30 years of divorce, an
un-forgiving, un-forgetting public is still passing judgment on him over
events it cannot possibly have any first-hand knowledge of, and by taking
the story line of a ficticious, but admittedly brilliantly acted Hollywood
film (³What¹s Love Got To Do With It²) as true fact.
The most remarkable, and personally touching part of this story is the grace
and dignity with which Ike had made peace with this relentlessly negative,
and out-of-control public perception of his character: he brought his
³house² in order, re-married, secured his musical legacy, and refocused and
re-started his career as a recording artist and live performer.
Let¹s listen to his last, personally sanctioned recording, ³Risin¹ with the
Blues², with these thoughts in mind. It is fascinating to note that all of
the many controversial, contradictory sentiments of his long life are there,
presented in Ike¹s inimitable, gruff personal style: from defiance to
forgiveness, from dark humor to tenderness, from marital strife to ³sexual
healing² and God¹s love. And let¹s not forget : you can boogie to it all
night longŠ 
Ike ­ with ³Risin¹ with the Blues², you made one of the defining musical
statements of our time. Nobody, but nobody can be expected to deliver more.
Rest in peace, Brother Ike. You won¹t be forgotten.  ­
Your friends from ZOHO.
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