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Still Another Jazz Show  Dec 10
DANIEL BARRY    “Mighty Urubamba”   WALK ALL WAYS   
OA2 Records 
MIKE ELLIS BAHIA BAND      “Free Mesopotamia”   Alpha
Pocket Records
3 COHENS   “Navad (The Wanderer)”  “Gigi et Amalie”  
BRAID  Anzic Records
RICHARD COLE     “You Don't Know What Love Is”
“Beautiful Love”  SHADE
Origin Records
MONTEREY JAZZ FESTIVAL   Monterey Jazz Festival
ANDY BEY  “I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart” AIN'T
NECESSARILY SO   12th Street Records
“Pick Yourself Up”
Verve Music Recordings
BOB HAMILTON TRIO  “Irena Anna”  “Wix Wax”  WIX WAX 
Capri Records
KATE SCHUTT  “Raining”  “I'm Yours”   NO LOVE LOST 
Artist Share Recordings
WONDERFUL DISCOVERY      Eugene Marlow Recordings
Daniel Barry, cornetist, composer, officiator of the
group, begins this edition of SAJS with his new WALK
ALL WAYS cd.  Reminds me of an obscure album in the
sixties by silversmith and trumpet player Gene Shaw,
who wrote and played trumpet on one twenty minute song
on ( I think it was,)”Street Dance PART 1 & 2.”  on
Argo Records. The label was the jazz subsidiary of the
Chicago R&B label, Chess Records,  until they
discovered a British label called Argo Records, so
they changed it to Cadet Records. Those were the days
you may want to forget. There was some good jazz
coming from the Chicago jazz label, Ahmad Jamal, Baby
Face Willette, The Jazztet, Etta James, Gene Ammons. 
Which leads to...
MIKE ELLIS BAHIA BAND and conclusion of this segment,
the selection “Free Mesopotamia.”
Many of you will air “Bags Groove” with Ricky Husbands
from Jamaica, vocalizing and Mike Ellis wailing on
soprano saxophone.  Or Eddie Harris, “Freedom Jazz
Dance.” Both substantiative. 
We chose to play the loooong cut, “Free Mesapotamia,”a
percussionist dream boat, a folk healer's dramatica, a
multi layered percussion complex. Why? Because it's so
Subaro free and motionless, after a while, you get
into the spirit of the moment. 
This recording is the Iron Butterfly, “In-A- Gadda-
Da-Vita” and Chambers Brothers “Time Has Come Today”
3COHENS begin the second segment with Isreali- folk
jazz-riffs. Inspired writing excellence, of childhood
memories, post modern under currents and engendered
folk music. This band is rife with sibling rivalry,
which is point-counter point to jazz. Sister Anat
Cohen, saxophonist is the most known with brothers
Avishai Cohen, trumpet and Yuval Cohen, soprano
Could the Cohens become the middle east jazz
equivalent to the Marsalis family?
We aired to cuts from this exciting new BRAID CD,
“Navad, (The Wanderer)” and “Gigi, et Amelie.”
This new 3COHENS cd is upstairs, free wailing, an
upstart in hip post modern bop harmony.
RICHARD COLE'S new cd is just too hip, to cool, to
understand in one setting. It digs deep into the
underpinnings of the hard bop messages. “A Shade Of
Joe” a tribute to Joe Henderson, who curled his
message in the fifties Detroit scene, same as Donald
Byrd, Pepper Adams, Kenny Burrell, Paul Chambers.
This new cd is not a Detroit message. This is a
Seattle conclave, convinced that hard bop post is
celebrated by all! 
We played the standard commemorative, “You Don't Know
What Love Is” with guest Randy Brecker on trumpet.
Beautiful rendition. Then the misty, very casual,
intimate “Beautiful Love.”  Starts slow at first, then
gets up to a real dance with this very progressive
quartet sound of Bill Anschell, piano, Randy Brecker,
trumpet,, Jeff Johnson, bass and John Bishop on drums.
THELONIOUS MONK opens the second hour of SAJS with a
recent release from Monterey Jazz Festival records,
they've been recording the artists for decades and
since this is the inaugural release of MJF Records. We
expect many more of the memorable concerts at the
I recall attending the 1992 Festival featuring Betty
Carter. Kenny Burrell, Wallace Roney and Wayne
Shorter. Good memories. I have pictures, not all, but
some of my favorites at that '92' outdoor show. 
We played Monk's “Evidence,” a bebop infused tune with
Charlie Rouse, tenor saxophone, Ben Riley drums with
Steve Swallow sitting in  on bass. A most interesting
song on this cd is “Think Of Me,” with Buddy
Collette's group. The nonet concludes the set with a
rousing version of “Straight No Chaser.”
ANDY BEY is next with a special 1997 live performance
at Birdland, for he accompanies himself on piano. 
It's his own pace and time. And he sure does take his
time with every song.  We played “I Let A Song Go Out
Of My Heart” and Bey's piano reminds me of Bobby
Timmons, setting a real nice and groovy tone  with
Peter Washington's bass line in real Bey time as Kenny
Washington just kicks along 'on down the road.' It's
religiosity.  Bey's  'one on one' is  memorable on
this, as well as the others on this cd.  Lordy!
THE VERY BEST OF DIANA KRALL , a collaboration of
music she's enjoyed over her compelling  career as an
important jazz artist.  These are songs from her
earlier albums revealing her versatility  as a
We all have our Krall favorites, as we played two of
mine,”Peel Me A Grape,”  David Frishberg's cute and 
coquettish  in a true Nat King Cole trio tradition and
a hip version of a  Jerome Kern favorite, “Pick
Yourself Up.”   
BOB HAMILTON TRIO opens the last segment with two
selections from his latest WIXWAX cd.  We played the
smooth nice original, “Irena Anna”  a composite of
time changes in the spirit of nativist, dynamic
Metheny Americana.  Jeff D'Angelo on bass and Duncan
Moore can be highlighted for their great work.  
“WixWax” is next with subtle counterpoint measures,
inter mixed with a swinging diatribe, life at first
glance. Hamilton interjects a joyful sense of urgency
you won't want to miss...
KATE SCHUTT and NO LOVE LOST is next.  This self
produce cd by Katie Schutt,  a singer/songwriter who
has a unique vision and goes it  her own way,
unrestricted by producer/label guidelines.  She's
performed in Toronto, Montreal, the U.S., then back
home to Guelph Ontario where she's recorded her debut
She's played gigs in Boston while attending classes at
Berklee and worked on this new cd. The musicians are
from Newfoundland and Boston.
We played “Raining” and “I'm Yours.”  There's a
sublime edge to her lyrics. Her vocal quality
resembles Nora Jones and Madeleine Peyroux.
ARTURO O'FARRELL  concludes this program from
WONDERFUL DISCOVERY The Music Of Eugene Marlow. 
Arturo is a Latin jazz contributor and pianist and
this music is easily adaptable to a Latin jazz
context. Dr Marlow is a renown modern classical and
jazz composer at Baruch College(City University of the
New York.)
We played  “Go Like The Wind.”  Saxophone soloist is
Bobby Porcelli.
Til next time. 
Another day.
Still Another Jazz Show 
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4623 T Street St., Suite A
Sacramento, Ca.  95819-4743

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