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This idea is somewhat akin to what we did with Jazz Tracks here in Cleveland.  I actually produced several shows over the years that incorporate jazz and food.  There are a ton of jazz songs that deal with food.  We would often go to different local restaurants, food junkets, get authors of food books, food critics from the local newspapers and intertwine them.  It works and yes, we got positive responses from the community.

Some years back there was a book authored by Bob Young, Al Stankus and Deborah Feingold called, "Jazz Cooks" that featured the favorite recipes of about 90 high profile jazz musicians (is that an oxymoron???).

I've known about your interest in food for a long time.  It's interesting to me that you've found a way to incorporate that into your music programming.  There are so many things that we as programmers are interested in besides music.  Just look at all of the things we've managed to talk about on the JPL besides music.  Our lifestyles do creep in, even on this list.  The same goes for your audience.  The notion of bringing other areas of our culture into your music mix is a good one.  I do think it makes for more interesting listening and a way to grab the attentions of people less inclined to listen to the music.  The larger culture is a programming asset if we think of clever ways to incorporate it.  I think your notion is a great one.


Bobby Jackson
WCPN-FM/Cleveland, OH

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Firstly, Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone. Here's an odd suggestion that some might consider....
  Some of you know I'm also a gourmet cook. Have been for many years and in fact will have a TV cooking show coming on next year. I got into this for a couple of reasons...to eat more healthy, to save money from eating out and because I enjoy it. I've learned over the past few years that it can also help with getting folk into jazz...yepper...folk love to eat. We started carrying the Splendid Table on Sundays from 12-1pm...which preceeds my Sunday jazz show from 1pm-5pm. I was talked into giving out recipes right after the "Table" ends and before my show starts. By the way...once again jazz raised more the the NPR news programs this past fundraiser...mainly because of my Sunday show. 
  This idea about the recipes was started almost a year ago. Example...since the last week of September I've received 624 emails to date about those recipes. Same time frame...78 about the jazz. Now what's interesting...at first...none of the emails about the recipes mentioned anything about the jazz. Over the past month they've started mentioning the music...like what jazz would I recommend with the meal...or..."I didn't particularly care for jazz but found myself waiting for the recipe and staying tuned into the music." I always make the connection between the two...if you want to eat sophisticated food...you need sophisticated music. It's been working...here's a little of an email I received this morning ...
  "Hello, Jae, 
  I was listening to a little bit of your show while waiting for a GSA Vocal Dept. concert yesterday--I teach voice and diction there. I'm more on the classical side of music than jazz--but I always learn so much when I do hear your program. 

  Anyway, I was so surprised to hear you give a recipe for red snapper, yesterday. I LOVE red snapper but I've not been able to find any since moving here in '97.  (I have occasionally eaten yellow snapper at restaurants.)

  So, my first question is:  do you know where red snapper can be found in this area?
  My 2nd question is:  where can Konriko creole seasoning be purchased? Is it something I could find at Trader Joe's in Newport News? I make the trek there about every 2 wks. or so. Maybe I can find it at Farm Fresh? 

  Thanks so much! (I'll bet you get quite a lot of mail about your recipe.)"
  The emails have been amazing really. Everywhere I go now folk are asking me about these damn recipes but more are saying they are listening to the jazz. It's another way to get folk to tune in so programmers...if you have some cooking chops and ideas to go with it...incorporate it somehow into your program. I guarentee it will get attention you never thought possible. 
  Jae Sinnett

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