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What a fabulous idea! Good food and good jazz do go together well,  
don't they?

Coincidentally, I, too, have something of a food background. I was a  
gourmet cookware representative for All Clad and others for 20 years,  
as a part-time gig to help support my voice-over career, doing  
product demonstrations in stores. I even once got offered a job  
teaching omelets at a San Francisco culinary school!

Jazz cooks!

Toby Gleason
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> Firstly, Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone. Here's an odd
> suggestion that some might consider....
>   Some of you know I'm also a gourmet cook. Have been for many  
> years and
> in fact will have a TV cooking show coming on next year. I got into  
> this
> for a couple of reasons...to eat more healthy, to save money from  
> eating
> out and because I enjoy it. I've learned over the past few years  
> that it
> can also help with getting folk into jazz...yepper...folk love to  
> eat. We
> started carrying the Splendid Table on Sundays from 12-1pm...which
> preceeds my Sunday jazz show from 1pm-5pm. I was talked into giving  
> out
> recipes right after the "Table" ends and before my show starts. By the
> way...once again jazz raised more the the NPR news programs this past
> fundraiser...mainly because of my Sunday show.
>   This idea about the recipes was started almost a year ago.
> Example...since the last week of September I've received 624 emails to
> date about those recipes. Same time frame...78 about the jazz. Now  
> what's
> interesting...at first...none of the emails about the recipes  
> mentioned
> anything about the jazz. Over the past month they've started  
> mentioning
> the music...like what jazz would I recommend with the meal...or..."I
> didn't particularly care for jazz but found myself waiting for the  
> recipe
> and staying tuned into the music." I always make the connection  
> between
> the two...if you want to eat sophisticated food...you need  
> sophisticated
> music. It's been working...here's a little of an email I received this
> morning ...
>   "Hello, Jae,
>   I was listening to a little bit of your show while waiting for a GSA
> Vocal Dept. concert yesterday--I teach voice and diction there. I'm  
> more
> on the classical side of music than jazz--but I always learn so  
> much when
> I do hear your program.
>   Anyway, I was so surprised to hear you give a recipe for red  
> snapper,
> yesterday. I LOVE red snapper but I've not been able to find any since
> moving here in '97.  (I have occasionally eaten yellow snapper at
> restaurants.)
>   So, my first question is:  do you know where red snapper can be  
> found in
> this area?
>   My 2nd question is:  where can Konriko creole seasoning be  
> purchased? Is
> it something I could find at Trader Joe's in Newport News? I make  
> the trek
> there about every 2 wks. or so. Maybe I can find it at Farm Fresh?
>   Thanks so much! (I'll bet you get quite a lot of mail about your
> recipe.)"
>   The emails have been amazing really. Everywhere I go now folk are  
> asking
> me about these damn recipes but more are saying they are listening  
> to the
> jazz. It's another way to get folk to tune in so programmers...if  
> you have
> some cooking chops and ideas to go with it...incorporate it somehow  
> into
> your program. I guarentee it will get attention you never thought
> possible.
>   Jae Sinnett
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