[JPL] Food & Wine pairings on jazz89KUVO, Jae, Patato, Shirley & Shew

Arturo arturo893 at qwest.net
Mon Dec 17 16:23:54 EST 2007

We've been doing monthly food and wine pairings on the air once a month for
several years now, often times the main entree has been a recipe by one of
our own on air hosts, however the music connection has not been explored, I
believe we may have to attempt that angle as well. We have a CDd and Wine of
the Month club also where higher level donors receive a CD and fine wine
sent to their doorstop every month.

Every one knows that Shirley Horn liked to cook for musicians at her home
after hours, her Verve CD The Main Ingredient is all about one of thos
evenings, the booklet includes recipes. Bobby Shew had a similar project
Salsa Caliente for MAMA and he had a salsa(the dip) recipe ala his New
Mexico roots. The late don Carlos Valdés-the immortal Patato was quite a
cook also, he too would often cook for his band mates, fellow musicians and
friends at his NY apt after gig hours until the next afternnon, his "rabo
encendido" spicy oxtail stew was legendary.


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