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 RIP Joel.......yeah, he told a couple of Kirk tales when I had him on my program supporting on of the Hyena recordings.

What surprised me on the day of our live phone interview, was that he'd been listening to my program on the now unplugged www.ksjs.org .

He paid me a very nice compliment relating to my on-air style and how I went about presenting the music.
Was/is a huge shot in the arm coming from a cat like Joel, who definitely heard a few things in his time.

Mike Schwartz/KSJS



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This is sad news indeed. One of the most interesting, insightful and
funny panels I've ever attended was one with Joel and John Sinclair at a
CMJ convention years back. It was one of the few industry panels that I
I've attended that I can remember not wanting it to end. I also recall
vividly him telling these wildly hilarious Rahsaan Roland Kirk stories
at a JazzWeek summit. What a huge loss. RIP! 

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Hi Bobby and All.  I hate to confirm that Joel did pass away earlier 
today of a heart attack.  This was after beating prostate cancer a few 
years back.  I talked with his associate Kevin Calabro earlier this 
afternoon and Kevin confirmed his passing.  Joel was such a breath of 
fresh air and always full of excitement.  He did leave us some beautiful

music.  Keven asked that we play some of Joe's releases in his memory 
which seems like a great idea.  ALOHA  Tom


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