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JPL family,

I spoke with Joel at least two to three times per year.  Sometimes just
to check in.  Sometimes because of personal or professional matters.  I
always loved to get his perspective on life's many issues.  He had a Zen
like way of putting things, with sublime simplicity that gave clarity no
matter how complex the issue.  I kind of went through some trying times
this year and Joel, one of my mentors was there for me.  He always had
my back.  I just wished I had reached out to him a little more but in
all honesty, I don't think I ever tired of talking with him about music
or anything else.  I miss his ear already.   

I've been watching the posts about Joel.  I am sad as I write this but I
am also touched by the kind words and thoughts that echo throughout this
list for our fallen music warrior.  I am also reminded to cherish my
relationships and stay in touch with people that mean something to me.
Our time is not limitless.  Our time together is our real treasure.
Joel's passing, Tom Terrell's, Frank Morgan's during this holiday season
serve as a brutal reminder that we should love one another while we're

I was at home last night and looked up Joel's name on allmusic.com to
see the scope of his work.  There are six screens of stuff he's been
involved in and it doesn't touch all the other stuff that he's been
involved in outside of the recording industry.  My wife looked at it and
said, "That's why he's gone. He was a workaholic."  She thought it was
sad that he worked so hard.  I have a different take on that.  My mom
said, "Find something you like to do.  If you're able to do that for a
living, you never work a day in your life.  I don't think Joel ever
worked.  I think music was his life.  My wife's life revolves around
family.  Devoting time to other things for her is an imposition on
family time.  I understand her point of view.  I also believe however,
Joel's family was music and music people.  He even has his sons
involved.  He did a lot with his time.  Ironically, the first time I
ever saw his face was on Roberta Flack's first album for Atlantic,
"First Take."  He is in the background watching her; doing that Alfred
Hitchcock cameo.  At that time, I didn't know it was him of course.  At
least, not until I actually met him and got to know him.  He was a
beautiful and soulful man.  He was a eulipion even if his house didn't
have lions.  

I will always keep a light in the window for the Masked Announcer. 


Bobby Jackson
WCPN-FM/Cleveland, OH 

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How could anyone say a bad thing about Joel Dorn? I only met him once,
and it 
was memorable. What a wonderful man he was, and how do you go on in this

business knowing that he is not here? He left so much behind for us to
and I will make it my business to honor him after the holiday with
samples of 
his work. Damn...samples. How long would it take to play Joel Dorn?
RIP, Joel...we're gonna mioss ya!
Ron Gill
Jazz Gallery
WGBH Radio 89.7 FM
Boston, MA

Ron Gill

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