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Arturo arturo893 at qwest.net
Tue Dec 18 20:59:45 EST 2007

When the Frank and Joe Show performed live in our Oasis Performance studio,
Joel gave us permission to use one of the tracks on our yearly Live at the
Oasis compliation CD. Joel was so impressed with the sound quality of our
engineering, the studio and the performance he included 2 tracks form the
live broadcast on Frank & Joe Show's sophomore release on 32 Jazz, "66 2/3",
check it out.

I love the compilation "Songs that Made the Phone Light Up" on 32 Jazz, the
songs that drew the most calls while he was on WHAT-FM, Philadelphia between
1961 and '65. I had the good fortune of chatting with Joel several times
over the years and he was impressed I knew so much about the Philadelphia
groups of the 1950s he grew up with, he had some great stories about Wilt at
Over Brook High and as a Philadelphia Warrior in the early 60s, he was a fan
of my countryman, Tony Taylor of the Phillies, Joel was extremly
knowledgeable on many subjects as well as many genres of music.

I'll never forget his delightful stories about Atlantic records in the 1960s
and '70s, but my favorite Joel Dorn moment was at either a Gavin or Jazz
Week convention in the late 90s when he shared anecdotes about being on the
road with Rahsaan and in particular when Kirk had bought a whole case of a
toothpaste that included some kind of plastic penny whistle as a gift inside
the carton and on a flight he got up and passed out the whistles to the
passengers and got them all to blow on them while he led the penny whistle
brigade orchestra through the sky...oh to have been a passenger on that
flight. another time he recalled when he visited Rahasaan at his house in
East orange NJ and upon Kirk opening the door, he discovered he had the
radio on, the TV on, was playing a record and was on the phone yet was
completely able to carry on a conversation with Dorn without missing a beat
yet be completely in tune with every thing else going on at the same time
while Dorn was drowning in the cacophony.

Always with a light on for the Masked Announcer who gave us so many bright

A fellow Eulipian
Arturo Gómez

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