[JPL] Joel Dorn

TomtheJazzman tomthejazzman at embarqmail.com
Tue Dec 18 22:01:47 EST 2007

The first time I met Joel was on the steps of the Blue Note Club in NYC 
when Les McCann said "hey Tom I want you to meet my producer."  It was 
Joel and at that time Les and Eddie Harris were appearing together and 
subsequently Joel told me so many funny stories about that duo and 
Eddie's personality.

Arturo that was Ipana Toothpaste that had the whistles in each pack 
that Rahasaan passed out on the airplane.  I remember Joel telling me 
the story face to face.  As many of you know I frequently have traveled 
to NYC and always made stops to see Duke Dubois and Joel Dorn while in 
the city.  I remember when Joel's hot project was 32 Jazz and I visited 
his office.  So much was going on in the multiple rooms that made up the 
office complex at 250 West 57th Street.  Joel's personal office DID NOT 
have a desk.  He worked out of a easy chair with the phone near and 
stacks of mail, periodicals, CDs and other printed material all around 
him with a path clear to the chair.  Another of my remembrances was 
going out to eat with Joel.  He was big on meeting and going out to one 
of the local, small not fancy, restaurants not far from his office.  We 
always did it at BREAKFAST.  He even made sure Frances came with me if 
she was in traveling with me.

One of my favorite remembrances of Joel always took place during this 
time of the year.  I would get a phone call from Joel saying he was just 
checking in to wish me health and happiness along with all the best in 
my endeavors.  He would say he did not do cards and considered them 
impersonal and preferred to reach out with a personal phone call.  There 
was never an agenda and we just allowed the conversation to flow.

One of my special non-JAZZ items from Joel while at 32 Jazz was a 4 CD 
set with a beautiful book and Video about the life and music of Judy 
Garland.  It was and is a masterpiece Joel and Adam produced in '98.

Seeing Joel at Gavin, JazzTimes, IAJE and at the JazzWeek Summit and 
watching him hold court and tell his stories was something I never 
wanted to end.  We were always Brothers and Hey Baby.

It is that time of the year and I am awaiting his call.

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