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Bradley M. Stone bstone at science.sjsu.edu
Wed Dec 19 03:26:28 EST 2007


Just got home - wide awake from the time change - but perhaps moreso from this news.  I was still trying to deal with the death of Tommy T., then this.... it is getting to the point that I dread seeing anyone's name in the subject line - when I saw Joel's, I immediately thought "oh no!".
I'll share one of Joel's Rahsaan stories.  Rahsaan was playing a big time NY club - I don't remember which one, was in the middle of a set and a tune, and a famous jazz musician walked in, don't remember who, but it was a heavy cat (Arturo, Bobby, someone help me here?) - and Rahsaan immediately started quoting one of that cat's tunes..... how he knew is a mystery, but Joel always just said "he was magic".  I won't even go into the story of Rahsaan driving a car - couldn't do that one justice.  Joel was a master story teller.  How I used to look forward to those Music M packages - as much for Joel's letter as for the CDs!  Boy do I wish I had kept all of them.
Joel Dorn - 65.  Tom Terrell - 57.  Frank Morgan - 74.  Too young, all!  As I approach my 52nd birthday next week, the realization sets in that we are losing our contemporaries.  Please, guys and gals - take care of yourselves!  
The light is indeed on in the window (literally - always lit this time of year in memory of my father).  For Tommy T.  For Patato.  For Frank.  For our good friend Joel.  For everyone in our jazz family whom we have lost - every soul we had that connection with - everyone who "got it"...
Brad Stone
San Jose

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