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Larry Appelbaum wrote:

>> Arturo mentioned a CD that Joel produced called Songs That Made The 
>> Phone Light Up. 
> This is a great CD but there are few production notes. Did Dorn produce any of the original sessions on this disc or did he only produce the compilation?
> Larry

I don't have the CD in front of me but I don't think he produced any of 
the music included. In 1961, he was only 16. I remember him telling me 
that the club owners would sneak him in because he was too young to be 
in the clubs. One of the obits I read said he went to work for Atlantic 
in 1967. Another said he had produced at least one recording for them 
before he joined Atlantic's staff but Songs That Made The Phone Light Up 
featured music that aired on WHAT between 1961 and 1965 so I doubt if he 
produced any of it.

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