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Wed Dec 19 12:56:24 EST 2007

Dear Eric,

Thanks for the kind mention of my father's 1965 EMMY Award nominated  
Duke Ellington documentaries Love You Madly and A Concert Of Sacred  
Music At Grace Cathedral. Ellington, himself, in his autobiography  
Music Is My Mistress, called them "the best film about Duke Ellington  
ever made" (they were originally envisioned as one film.)

My Executive Producer credit on the DVD is something of an honorary  
title, as I had nothing to do with the production of the original  
programs. I was 12 then. I just sort of oversaw the packaging design  
and production and proof-read publicity notices and stuff for the DVD  

The audio CD of the premier sacred concert that you mentioned is a  
bootleg, taken from stolen or misappropriated Wally Heider master  
tapes which should have been in the possession of Ralph Gleason.

Other currently available Gleason-produced programs include: Bob  
Dylan Speaks; The Legendary 1965 Televised Press Conference and A  
Night At The Family Dog, a performance documentary featuring Santana,  
the Jefferson Airplane and the Grateful Dead. Coming soon are a re- 
issue of Ralph Gleason's Jazz Casual television series on DVD, his  
10th Anniversary Monterey Jazz Festival documentary on DVD, with a  
companion book and a complete book collection of Gleason's album  
liner notes.

Best regards,

Toby Gleason
Jazz Casual Productions, Inc.
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> I just watched a 2 hour video this morning about Duke. Love You  
> Madly is
> the first hour of the DVD. It's full of great archival footage of the
> Ellington band in addition to lots of behind the scene looks at Duke,
> casually talking with Ralph Gleason. Incidentally, the Executive
> producer of the DVD is fellow JPL member Toby Gleason.
> The second hour of the DVD features the premier performance of Duke's
> first sacred concert. Jon Hendricks is the featured vocal soloist. The
> CD of Duke's first Sacred Concert was recorded 4 months after this  
> DVD.
> (actually the premiere concert was released on CD a few years ago)
> I really enjoyed seeing the first part of this DVD, hearing Duke and
> some of the other cats talk. If you are a Duke fan, don't miss this  
> DVD.
> Eric Jackson
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