[JPL] Record Mart's Subway Harry"

Arturo arturo893 at qwest.net
Thu Dec 20 15:26:20 EST 2007

Throughout the 1970s and 80s before beginning my career in jazz radio,
whenever I would be in NYC visiting family or in laws, I would always stop
by the Subway Record Mart buying albums never found in my So Cal residence
of the time, I still have all the LPs I bought there, some are very rare
collectables now. The leading expert in Latin music there was Harry
Sepúlveda who was immortalized by another frequent buyer, Poncho Sánchez who
wrote Subway Harry which appears on the Afro-Cuban Fantasy album complete
with the sound of a subway.(my favorite Poncho outing because of Dianne
Reeves' work) Harry contributed to the re-issue series of RCA's Tropical
series supplying liner notes and e helping in the remastering.

In none of the articles about the re-launching of Record Mart do they
mention Harry's past contribution nor if he is part of the new crew.....


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