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Michelle Mobley michelle_mobley at sbcglobal.net
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I have a couple on CD that came by trickle-down on one of those knock-off
labels, but the quality is fine.  I also have some Jamie Abersol play-along CDs
that feature his B3.  Unfortunately, I am traveling for the holidaze and can't
get to my catalog to find them for you (I gotta subscribe to GoToMyPC.com).  If
no one else helps you before the 26th, I'll get back to you.

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> Hello friends.  Being a huge fan of the B3 Organ and more specifically  
> B3 Organist Hank Marr, I'm saddened that I have never really been able  
> to find much of his recorded output on King Records available on CD.   
> Despite some extensive research on how to find the owner of his King  
> Records masters I have come up totally empty. Anyone who can lend a  
> hand in helping in the regard would be greatly appreciated.  You can  
> contact me at cory at cellarjazz.com
> Cory Weeds
> The Cellar Restaurant/Jazz Club (www.cellarjazz.com)
> Cellar Live Records (www.cellarlive.com)
> Chasin The Train Radio (www.coryweeds.ca)
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