[JPL] Computers and the future of Jazz Radio

mfree at posi-tone.com mfree at posi-tone.com
Sat Dec 22 13:18:18 EST 2007

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> Who is asking??
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I am asking.

Every year I find myself communicating via "snail mail" less and less and
email more and more. While I know that nothing is better than a quality
phone call to initiate or maintain relationships, the reality seems to be
that email in most cases is simply more efficient and convenient.

Now as the owner of a small jazz record label I am interested to hear
(ironically via email) just how "computer friendly" the jazz radio
community feels it is as a whole and as individuals. Concurrently, I also
would like to examine and discuss the possibility of how we might change
the operating paradigm of servicing radio stations with new product and
how we can best interact as a record company with the radio stations to
improve the efficiency of miscommunications and curtail waste.

While I truly enjoy talking with people in radio by phone, I cannot ignore
the reality that more and more people are stating a preference for follow
ups and notifications by email.

btw, Posi-Tone has two new discs coming out in January -- one by Jim
Rotondi (with David Hazeltine) and another by Spike Wilner (with Joel
Frahm and Ryan Kisor)--  and we are going to try out the electronic method
of making the album available to radio folks via webpage and download for
preview consideration and see how it works.

Happy Holidays,

Marc Free
Posi-tone Records

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