[JPL] Hank Marr King/Federal recordings....Re: jazzproglist Digest, Vol 9, Issue 394

Linda Dachtyl lindaleed at earthlink.net
Sat Dec 22 17:49:00 EST 2007

I have a a bunch of Hank Marr's recordings from the King/Federal days  
from 45's I have converted to sound files to the complete original  
LPs of "Greasy Spoon" and "Live at the 502" and would be willing to  
share these ....... if they are out of print.

The more recent DoubleTime recordings are still readily available.  
Here are the links I was able to find:


The "City Lights" CD, released by Marr alum, guitarist Tom Carroll  
features wonderful work from Hank, Tom Carroll, and drummer Jim Rupp.

I was one of Hank students and am a jazz/blues organist in Columbus,  
OH. On my first CD release, "Blue Bop" on Chicken Coup Records, I  
recorded some Hank covers ("Silver Spoon" and "Bridge to Shangri-la")  
and recorded a number of other tunes on the CD with Hank Marr alums  
(Gene Walker-Tenor Sax, Tom Carroll-Guitar, Jim Rupp-Drums).

I will be releasing my new CD, "For Hep Cats" on Chicken Coup Records  
on January 8. Gene Walker and Jim Rupp are on this CD, also.

As far as I know concerning the alums from the King/Federal label  
days, Wilbert Longmire is living in Cincy, is featured on the more  
recent Double Time recordings, is actively gigging, and hosts a jazz  
radio show in Cincy. On occasion, Wilbert has come up to Columbus to  
play with Gene Walker's "Listen for the Jazz" afternoon jam at the  
Hot Times In Olde Town East Festival in Columbus.

As far as the other alums from the King/Federal days....
Tenor saxophonist, Rusty Bryant passed away in the early 1990's.
I do not know much about the drummer on the King/Federal recordings.

Here are a couple of things of what I was able to find when googling  
"Gene Redd" who is listed as a co-writer on Hank's recordings from  
the King/Federal days:

I would be happy to share anything I have of the older Marr  
recordings...... provided that they are out of print. I would assume  
the King/Federal things have been for many years.
The Double Time and CoJazz ones are still available, so order them at  
the links I provided.

The Aebersold play along books are available here:

There is also a museum display dedicated to Hank at the King Arts  
Complex in Columbus, which hosts a number of jazz shows throughout  
the year.
One of Hank's B3s is part of the display.

Happy Holidays to all!

Linda Dachtyl

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> Date: December 21, 2007 12:11:01 PM EST
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> Subject: [JPL] Hank Marr
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> Hello friends.  Being a huge fan of the B3 Organ and more  
> specifically B3 Organist Hank Marr, I'm saddened that I have never  
> really been able to find much of his recorded output on King  
> Records available on CD.  Despite some extensive research on how to  
> find the owner of his King Records masters I have come up totally  
> empty. Anyone who can lend a hand in helping in the regard would be  
> greatly appreciated.  You can contact me at cory at cellarjazz.com
> Cory Weeds
> The Cellar Restaurant/Jazz Club (www.cellarjazz.com)
> Cellar Live Records (www.cellarlive.com)
> Chasin The Train Radio (www.coryweeds.ca)
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> I have a couple on CD that came by trickle-down on one of those  
> knock-off
> labels, but the quality is fine.  I also have some Jamie Abersol  
> play-along CDs
> that feature his B3.  Unfortunately, I am traveling for the  
> holidaze and can't
> get to my catalog to find them for you (I gotta subscribe to  
> GoToMyPC.com).  If
> no one else helps you before the 26th, I'll get back to you.

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