[JPL] Computers and the future of Jazz Radio

georgetfuller at juno.com georgetfuller at juno.com
Sat Dec 22 19:13:14 EST 2007

           Radio stations should have the option of still recieving '' hold in your hands releases" ( caveman style ) or this computer download plan /  the plan to eliminate mailouts and follow through with  '' it's on the computer or nothing "hurts the jazz station not equiped for that ,,, or does'nt have that kind of available time  & technology //  After all  ,  the stations that are  24/7 jazz and blues are the ones that are depending soley on selling that particular sound and nothing more /  Work with us on this --- WE LOVE WORKING FOR YOU // If you plan to disservice the jazz station because they cannot accommodate  tech ... you also hurt the artists and you  --  I started this 33 years ago  , this is not job or carreer .. it's life -  thanks  , George Fuller  , Facilities Director KRML  Carmel   24/7  jazz &blues radio 

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