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  Cleaver presents a Clinton saxophone to jazz museum in KC

The Kansas City Star

It took years, but U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver of Missouri finally coaxed 
former President Bill Clinton to give his favorite saxophone to the 
American Jazz Museum in Kansas City.

How did he do it?

"Worrying him to death," Cleaver said Friday after presenting the alto 
sax to the museum along with a check for $312,000 from this week's 
spending bill passed by Congress.

Cleaver said he first raised the subject when Clinton visited the jazz 
museum while president and was enrapt by Charlie Parker's saxophone. 
Cleaver brought up the subject again every time he saw Clinton after 
that, including at the Truman Library anniversary in July.

Clinton finally said OK, but when Cleaver flew to New York to pick it 
up, he was told it had been sent to Clinton's presidential William J. 
Clinton Presidential Library & Museum in Little Rock, Ark. Several phone 
calls later, the jazz museum finally received the instrument.

"The president contacted the director of the Clinton library and said, 
you know, 'Give it up,'" Cleaver said. "So we get it."

That makes two saxophones Cleaver has delivered to the museum, including 
Parker's plastic alto instrument. As Kansas City mayor, Cleaver bid 
$119,000 for that sax in an auction.

"This one is a lot less costly," Cleaver said.

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