[JPL] WBGO atttacked by pirates

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Want to be a royal pain-in-the-neck of the FCC?

•	David Fiske – david.fiske at fcc.gov
•	Maureen Peratino (Fiske’s lacky) – maureen.peratino at fcc.gov – 202-418-0506
•	General number for Fiske’s office – 202-418-0500
•	Toll Free – 888-225-5322
•	Toll Free Fax – 866-418-0232
•	Webmaster for FCC – fhaynes at molly.fcc.gov 

Let's give then something to come back to after the holidaze...a boatload of
faxes would be fun.

-Michelle from Peeedro

Nick Francis - KPLU Music Director wrote:
Pirate radio alive and well in Brooklyn.  And the FCC does nothing. (From the
 Nick Francis - KPLU Music Director

> December 23, 2007
> Brooklyn Up Close
> With Airwaves Under Assault, Radio Stations Raise the Alarm 
> ON Monday night at 10:27, listeners to the Newark-based jazz station WBGO
> could hear the legendary Red Norvo plunking away at the final bars of “Have
> You Met Miss Jones?” The station’s signal, at 88.3 FM, blankets the city
> from Tottenville at the southern tip of Staten Island to Riverdale in the
> north Bronx. 
> But WBGO fans in the heavily Haitian neighborhood of Flatbush, Brooklyn,
> could not hear Norvo’s glistening arpeggios. At that moment on that
> frequency, the Flatbush listeners instead heard an echoing voice pitching a
> wonder pill in Creole. “Haitians!” the man cried over a raucous
> background of horns and drums. “This medicine cures all maladies!
> Constipation, depression, high cholesterol, even AIDS!” 
> The intruding signal came from a low-power pirate broadcaster, one of many in
> Flatbush and nearby neighborhoods that bedevil the major stations by blocking
> their signals. 
> “They’re killing us,” said Cephas Bowles, the general manager of WBGO.
> “They don’t respect the F.C.C., and they don’t respect the stations
> that have legally been licensed to operate.” According to Mr. Bowles,
> listeners have been calling in daily with complaints.
> Brooklyn, over the years, has been home to dozens of pirate broadcasters,
> chattering in every language from Spanish to Yiddish. The Haitian-American
> community, with its traditional fondness for radio, is an especially
> receptive audience. But representatives of licensed stations say that for
> reasons they cannot pinpoint, the number and persistence of the pirates
> squatting on their frequencies has been increasing. 
> George Evans, the head engineer at WFUV, the
> Fordham University radio station, said that a rising resentment about Spanish
> and Creole pirates had prompted him to solicit listener complaints on the
> station’s Internet home page. The station has received 294 complaints since
> the notice went up in August, Mr. Evans said, most of them from listeners in
> Brooklyn and Paterson, N.J.
> Both Mr. Evans and Mr. Bowles said that they had complained to the
> Federal Communications Commission, but that the agency was slow to act
> against pirates. Since 2005, the commission has fined only one pirate
> broadcaster in Brooklyn, a man named Elroy Simpson of Prospect-Lefferts
> Gardens, who in January was ordered to pay a $10,000 fine. 
> In response to questions, David Fiske, an F.C.C. spokesman, would say only,
> “We don’t comment on our investigative processes.”
> But Mr. Evans of WFUV had some advice for legislators. “Florida has a very
> strict law where the police will come to your house, seize your equipment and
> throw you in jail,” he said. “That’s what they need for New York.” 

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