[JPL] Oscar Peterson RIP

Bradley M. Stone bstone at science.sjsu.edu
Mon Dec 24 19:48:20 EST 2007

I was just reading an article yesterday, in which the author proclaimed Keith Jarrett to be "arguably the world's greatest living jazz pianist", and I was thinking "but what about O.P.........?".  Unfortunately no longer true.

Rest in peace, Mr. Peterson.  You've given a lot of joy to a lot of people.  A(nother) huge loss for the jazz family.

I'm on the air right now... will go into something from O.P.s Christmas cd.

BTW, Merry Christmas everyone.

Aloha, and the Light is On.


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Oh man...Oscar. Stunning really but the generation has been disappearing right before our eyes. This is huge. Oscar...just the name. I remember working with Herb Ellis and talking with him about Oscar. He said he never "felt" anything like that from any other musician. Oscar's power and his gentleness. His extraordinary technique was obvious but it's knowing when and how to use it that made him special. When I listen to the "Exclusively For My Friends" box set...I know exactly what Herb was talking about. The piano playing on that collection defines who he was as a pianist. Besides Tatum he was the only pianist that ever left me speechless after some of his performances. "Sandy's Blues" is one of them. 
Jae Sinnett

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