[JPL] "Arguably" is the operative word here for sure!

Bill Barton seekandlisten at gmail.com
Tue Dec 25 17:55:35 EST 2007

"I was just reading an article yesterday, in which the author proclaimed
Keith Jarrett to be 'arguably the world's greatest living jazz pianist'..."

That line from Brad Stone's recent post strikes me as a good example of the
hype that sometimes passes for journalism.

Obviously the writer has never heard Bobby Few, or Cecil Taylor, or Paul
Plimley, or Marilyn Crispell, or [fill-in the blank with your own personal

Jazz ain't a horse race or a boxing match, there aren't "winners" or
"losers."  This whole greatest this or greatest that is a crock in my

And I'll also add my hearfelt R.I.P. for O.P.

Bright Moments,
Bill Barton

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