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Eric Jackson eric-jackson at comcast.net
Mon Jun 4 10:52:41 EDT 2007

I've had the pleasure of knowing Terri since she was about 12 years old. 
Through the years I've had the pleasure of hearing her grow musically. I find 
it very interesting she described her playing as straight ahead and funky. I 
agree. If you can find her first recording, an lp that I think was called 
TLC, you can easily hear how her playing changed. On that lp, recorded when 
she was a teenager living in Boston, she had George Coleman on tenor and if 
memory serves me correctly, the piano player was Kenny Barron. I remember 
really liking her playing when she was here but I remember thinking that she 
didn't sound like a young player. I think she was still showing a lot of her 
influences. Through the years she has grown and developed so that those 
drumming influences are just a part of what makes her sound.

Terri is a 3rd generation musician. Her grandfather, Mathew, was a drummer. 
Her father, Sonny is a tenor player and one of the founders of the Boston 
Jazz Society. He helped get me a job in the early 70s. I was working in a 
record store in Cambridge, just outside of Harvard Square. A good friend of 
mine was in the store and we were talking about music. A man came into the 
store and was looking through the browsers. He got into our conversation. As 
he was leaving, we exchanged names. He recognized me from my show at 
Harvard's WHRB. He mentioned that he had been talking to the people at WILD, 
the only black oriented station in town. They claimed they would do a jazz 
show but they couldn't find someone who knew the music and was able to do a 
show. Sonny asked if he could take my name to the management folks at WILD. I 
said yes and I was on the air at WILD within a week doing a Sunday afternoon 
jazz show. That was in 1972.

Terri mentioned Herbie Hancock in her article. He was one of the first 
musicians I met when I started in radio. Years ago, I had the pleasure of 
hanging out with him a number of times. Perhaps 20 years ago I was in New 
York and Herbie invited me and a friend to his hotel. The friend and I had 
met Herbie at the same time so it was kind of a reunion for the 3 of us to 
hang together. When I got back home, Terri called me one night when I was on 
the air. During our conversation, we found out both of us had just gotten 
back from NY. Terri had never met Herbie at that point. As it turned out, 
Terri and Herbie were staying in the same hotel and were next door neighbors. 
She said she heard the music from his room and she heard voices but she was 
too shy to just knock on his door although she knew Herbie was her neighbor. 
We both commented on how things would have been different if we had only 
known that the other one was next door. I'll have to ask Terri if she 
remembers this story. Herbie may not know it unless Terri told him.

I noticed that Terri is one of the producers of Robert Irving III's new CD. I 
remember her telling me years ago how much she liked his playing.

In WGBH's archives, we have a recording of a live performance that Terri did 
for us when she was a Berklee student. I can't remember most of the people on 
the recording but I do remember that the rumor was that she was dating the 
saxophonist in the band. The saxophonist was Greg Osby.

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