[JPL] A Jazzman So Cool You Want Him Frozen at His Peak

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I don't usually send things because I honor or agree
w/ them, just mostly FYI. The times I've seen the film
I've been inspired to go home and listen. Some of the
images are compelling and I teach cinema here at UNM,
besides doing radio. 

Neither the filmmaker nor the writer seem to be real
listeners. When I don't know "where to begin," I
usually don't.  thanks...roy

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> It is an outrageous article.
> Jae --  That performance of "Look For the Silver
> Lining" starts with
> one of the longest most beautiful lines -- this
> wasn't a trumpeter who
> was musically washed up and forgotten. He'd been
> playing that tune
> since the mid-1950's. Who's around today, who's
> left, who's done that?
> Lee Konitz comes to mind. He's played endless
> variations on the
> changes to popular songs for half a century. When a
> musician reaches
> that point, if their physical thing is holding up,
> there's nothing
> else like it in music. Look at the last decade of
> Art Pepper's life,
> too. In fact I'll segue Baker's Lining with Pepper's
> Ophelia from HIS
> last session tonight on Jazz From Blue Lake.
> By the way on The Last Concert Baker plays "Sippin
> at Bells" of all
> things -- that head...man. Bebop.
> Not that everything Baker did is sacrosanct -- in
> fact his informal
> meeting with Konitz released on India Navigation
> Records is written
> off by Jeroen de Valk, and there are many under
> rehearsed,
> ill-prepared sessions, not to mention that audiences
> rolled the dice
> when they bought a concert ticket to hear him. de
> Valk talks about how
> those audiences would wait, sometimes for hours,
> just to hear him,
> though. Which points again to how off this article
> is.
> What's really a bite in the film "Let's Get Lost" is
> Flea's boyish
> fascination with the death of Lee Morgan. That made
> me sick. Why would
> one gleefully grill Chet Baker about that?
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