Re: [JPL] Srticle-The DRM Manifesto For Musicians, Artists =?WINDOWS-1252?Q?, _Songwriters_And_Everyone_El?= se Who Isn’t Paying Attention

Lazaro Vega at
Thu Jun 7 13:32:08 EDT 2007

Good article.

"...hurting artists by price-gouging Internet radio
stations out of existence (more on this next month)...."

While I see no problem with a radio station paying a royalty rate I
still think the DMCA and current RIAA rulings are just another example
of special interests getting their way via the pay for play government
we live with. The fundamental flaw with these laws is that they're
premised on the idea that listening to the radio on-line is the same
as delivering music to a consumer. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

I guess we'll wait 'till next month, then.

PS, major labels have been around much longer than the 1960's.

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