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> The DRM Manifesto For Musicians, Artists, Songwriters And Everyone  
> Else Who Isn’t Paying Attention
> By: Moses Avalon (Associate Writer) < 
> bio.php3?author=94>
> 2007-05-12

Myself, I find it extremely unlikely that ANY label exec with more  
than 10 minutes experience would EVER say something as asinine as this:

"Labels sigh and shake their heads, “First off, the only reason we  
don't have copy protection on CDs is due to complex technical issues  
and second, CDs cost us about 60 cents and we sell them for about $10."

The "complex technical issues" involved are merely this:  the Red  
Book standard doesn't include DRM.  With DRM, it can't call itself a CD.

Second, anyone who has any grasp of reality will eventually realize  
that, yes indeed, you CAN manufacture a CD for 60 cents US.  However,  
when you PLAY that CD, you will here NO SOUND because you haven't  
acquired program material to press into that disc.

Music licensing is now 1.75 cents per minute -- about a dollar per  
disc.  Artists usually get a pittance -- say 2 bucks per copy.   
Someone has to pay the musicians, the studio, the random technicians  
that make it all work; that can be anywhere from pennies to a couple  
of dollars per copy, depending on sales volume.  Advertising,  
shipping, warehousing, graphics, liner notes, art licensing, booklet  
& tray card printing, and the just-increased cost of mailing promos  
to press and radio -- all THAT takes $2 to $4 per copy.  (At least on  
the jazz level of sales...)

So we're now talking of a gross margin, not accounting for  
"overhead," of MAYBE $4 per copy.  If you sell through a wholesaler  
-- as most indies do -- a couple of those dollars will go there.  The  
leftovers are getting pretty skimpy by now...

Of course, you all know this.  I'm preaching to the choir, as they  
say in the South.  I just wish more so-called "journalists" would  
recognize that the 60 cent figure is bogus....

Lloyd Townsend
overpaid, underworked megamogul Prop., Imaginary Records
still saving money for postage on the radio promos for Stevens,  
Siegel & Ferguson's "Get Out Of Town".....

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