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Being born & raised in NYC, we leaned early on to make fun of everyone equally, and I ask has anyone earned it better than Paris?!

Being rather spoiled, and having to suffer the same punishment the *common folk* would for drunk driving, folllowed immediately with driving with a suspended license (with the ability to hire a freaking driver to go wherever she wanted in the interim), Ms. Hilton probably isn't mentally ill ; just that Mommy, Mommy, Mommy ultimately could not buy her way out of the mess she created and tried to manipulate (and failed!!), which simply makes her stupid and clueless. Those buying into the mental illness ploy can line up for bridge property I have in Brooklyn.

People cry and get nervous when they get taken away in cuffs to jail all the time. They have physicians and shrinks on staff of places like L.A. County Jail for all the visitors that need them.

If she would be allowed to run roughshod through the world and get to the point where she might cause bodily harm or worse while intoxicated behind the wheel would be the point where this would be a sad story.

Maybe all the jokes and scorn, not to mention confinement in jail, might just be a reality check for this young woman.

Mike Schwartz/KSJS

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It strikes me that this may be a mentally ill person, and we've been
un at her expense. Since I contributed to this sorry thread (which
ike a good idea at the time, but then the week unfolded...), I
pologize, and  
ope we can put an end to it.


 appreciate the humanity of your statement. I have no idea whether or
ot she's sick or healthy. I don't think about her at all really, that's
ow I deal with things that are meaningless. 
To play devil's advocate, I would ask if you think she'd show you (or
azz, or jazz fans, or jazz enthusiasts, or jazz radio programmers,
usicians, etc.) the same respect. Of course her bad behavior should
ever really advocate or rationalize more bad behavior.
It seemed like a playful missive we all responded to - more so than any
ther post in recent weeks that I can think of. That sort of says
omething. I'm not sure what, perhaps that folks like to pick on others
hen they're down. Again, I don't know what her situation is - I try to
gnore faces and text that stare out at me from the covers of the
abloids when I'm in line at the supermarket. I think I remember in
ecent weeks she was in "some sort of trouble", either with the law or
rug abuse, or something...but again, I don't place much stock in her
ell being - there are other people I'm more concerned with: my
tudents, my friends, my community. It's really easy to take a poke at
omeone like her (overtly wealthy), especially when so many of us that
ork hard devoting our lives to an art form get so little financial
ompensation for that work. It's always a struggle not to let the
nhumanity of others rub off on your self. 
So, thanks for reminding us she's a human being, and that there are
robably better uses for our time. 
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