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<<..We know that the BEST classics will always be attractive  because of 
their timeless quality.  But, what jazz that is being  recorded today 
might be sonically attractive to someone who is 35 or  40?

I'm willing to get flamed for this question, but I must ask  it.  I ask 
it so that I can keep WEMU on the air as a jazz and  primarily music 
I think we'd ALL want to know that. Programmers, producers, event sponsors,  
etc. I would start with Gordon Goodwin, who is rather pop-ish but with a solid 
 grounding in Jazz performance, good soloists, terrific ensemble writing and  

Also, you might find some interesting melodies and emotional singing in  
another Jazz-friendly pop group, Pink Martini; although their most recent  release 
doesn't do much for me, "Hey Eugene" is great fun. Hook them on Pink  
Martini, add a touch of Diana Krall (thanks in part to the new TV commercial),  and 
throw-in some Bad Plus, for the other end of the spectrum. All very current,  
but sufficiently Jazz-friendly that some new fans could be developed around  
material like this.


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