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I think many of us would certainly be interested in hearing your son's take on the subject, especially since (I'm assuming at least) he grew up with Jazz in his life. I know my son appreciates jazz musicians doing tunes from some of the bands he listens to but he's really more interested in how a band sounds than whether they play a "cover" of a tune. He's a huge fan of The Bad Plus, E.S.T. Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey among others. He's not that interested in the American Songbook other than what he ends up playing in Jazz band.

Jeff Turton

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> I wonder if covers are the best, if most obvious approach.  Perhaps a 
> cover tune might momentarily be noticed when tuning across the dial, 
> but if they're a Radiohead fan, wouldn't they rather hear Radiohead 
> instead of some jazz group messing with it?  If that's the case, 
> they'll probably spend their time with a station that plays Radiohead 
> or their iPod.
> It's not exactly analogous to the Great American Songbook when a few 
> composers wrote songs everybody sang and played.  Since most all pop 
> groups today do their own music,  "cover band" has become a derogatory 
> term used to dismiss a band as having little significance.  I wonder if 
> fans of rock bands want to hear jazz covers of their favorite bands.  
> Is it maybe the band's sound they're interested in and not the tunes 
> per se?
> On the other hand, young jazz musicians who grew up with rock might 
> tend to create new original music that their peers would relate to more 
> than Gershwin, Kern and Ellington - or even the Beatles, which was 
> their parents'  music!
> It's an interesting question, but I'm so out of touch with pop music 
> from the past twenty years I wouldn't recognize most cover tunes... or 
> maybe I just wouldn't remember them.   It's all new to me!    My 
> younger son Barrett is the drummer in Kinski  www.kinski.net  touring 
> internationally and recording for Sub-Pop.  They're just back from an 
> Arena tour through the South with Tool.  I'll interview him on Father's 
> Day!
> Jim Wilke
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