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<<..I wonder if covers are the best, if most obvious  approach.  Perhaps a 
cover tune might momentarily be noticed when  tuning across the dial, 
but if they're a Radiohead fan, wouldn't they  rather hear Radiohead 
instead of some jazz group messing with it?  If  that's the case, 
they'll probably spend their time with a station that  plays Radiohead 
or their iPod..>>
By my definition (which admittedly is not definitive), a "cover band" is  one 
that plays the original arrangements. If a Jazz group is "messing with it,"  
then it's an adaptation. Linda Ronstadt covered Frank Sinatra's torch songs 
like  "What's New," they were essentially the same arrangements. But take out 
Kenton's  Contemporary Concepts, and those are hardly covers of "What's New" or  
"Stompin' at the Savoy".
This is just a nit to pick, in the context of the larger thread, which is a  
pretty interesting one,


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